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Deadline: 23th February, 2023; 4 PM



The Green Spaces Program was launched by the Environmental Partnership Foundation in collaboration with MOL Romania in 2006 through a pilot program called "Schools for the Environment" - a program aimed at involving children and young people in afforestation and landscaping projects. After the success of the pilot program, the collaboration between MOL Romania and our foundation was put on new foundations, so in 2023 the Green Spaces grantmaking program was launched for the 17th time.

The Natural Protected Areas component of the program aims to promote the protected areas in Romania in order to raise their acceptance among local communities through the involvement of NGOs and schools, local communities and custodians/administrators of the protected areas.

Unfortunately, following the situation caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, the Urban Green Spaces component, due to the specifics of this component, which had mainly provided activities with the involvement of large groups of children and young people could not be implemented without great risks for participants. As a result, the Urban Green Spaces component was discontinued.

Starting in 2022, the program has a new component, Permaculture in Urban Areas, which provides funding for the development and implementation of permaculture projects in cities and their immediate vicinity by involving local communities, in accordance with the principles of permaculture.


Cumulative results of the program in the period 2006-2022:

• no. funded projects: 671

• total value of financed projects: RON 9.113.055,00

• no. of people actively involved in projects: 246.834

• no. of trees and shrubs planted: 82.896

• no. of planted flowers: 86.932

• surface of created and rehabilitated green spaces: 550.278 m2

• reforested area: 3.953 m2

• projects in protected areas: 299

• no. thematic paths established: 149

• no. Junior Ranger activities (camps): 162

• extracurricular activities of ecological education (competitions, excursions, presentations): 2.824

For more information visit the program's website at


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