Romanian Environmental Partnership

Green Philantrophy


Strengthening Green Philanthropy was a grant-making and capacity-development program that enhanced the financial sustainability of environmental non-profit organizations by developing public and private sources of support for the nonprofit sector and by supporting the operational and strategic development of green NGOs.

The program was implemented in collaboration with the Association for Community Relations. Through the program NGOs were offered training in fundraising for the development and implementation of fundraising campaigns. 11 such campaigns were financed and the total amount of funding awarded was nearly 280,000 RON.

Organizations were able to gather through the implemented campaigns over 500,000 RON and reached their financial goals in a proportion of 87.5%. To obtain these results, organizations used different methods of fundraising to address different target groups. Among the used methods there were events - auctions, concerts - online fundraising, product sales, street collections, meeting face to face with company representatives and direct mail. In addition to these methods, several organizations had organized campaigns to redirect the 2% of the income taxes. At the same time, organizations have managed to create databases to compile lists of persons, firms, potential donors for their organization.

The program was co-financed by the Trust for Civil Society in CEE.