Romanian Environmental Partnership



The Dialog program was the first operational program of the Environmental Partnership Foundation. It was in fact a permanent democratic exercise dedicated to encouraging civic initiative, a lasting and impartial process of creating a communication and cooperation system among citizens and local administration.

The projects implemented within this program aimed to influence the attitude of the citizens and the local administration in order to solve community problems. In order to involve citizens in decision-making, one of the main objectives of the Dialog program was editing and distributing informative materials with civic character. Also civic forums were organized. The members of the civic groups attended the sessions of the Local Council of Miercurea Ciuc. As part of the program several meetings were organized with the representatives of different public institutions.

The most important achievements of the Dialog program were as follows:
• A high number of participants in the events organized within the program, in comparison with other community or cultural events,
• Solving of community problems identified by citizens with the help of authorities and local responsible actors,
• Recognition of the program as a method of solving any type of community problem by means of open dialogue.

A very important factor that contributed to the success of the program was the variety of methods used over the years to help making the authorities accountable for their activities.

The Dialog program ran within the Environmental Partnership Foundation till June 30th, 2004. The following month the program was taken over - together with its staff - by the Eurocultura Association.