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MOL Romania and the Environmental Partnership Foundation offer financing worth over 840,000 lei for environmental projects through the Green Spaces program. 2022-02-04  






News within the Green Spaces 2022 Program

Compared to the previous edition of the program, the grant offered to the projects within the Natural Protected Areas component was increased from 26,000 lei / project to 35,000 lei / project. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, the Urban Green Spaces component of the program was suspended due to the fact that the projects had mainly planned activities aimed at involving large groups of children and young people. Instead, a new component has been introduced, namely Permaculture in urban areas, which supports the development of sustainable agriculture in cities and suburbs, through the involvement of local communities. Permaculture is a methodology with which integrated human habitats can be designed, in harmony with natural ones, resulting in a territory used by a community, which builds and develops by integrating harmoniously into the environment, imitating the forms and relationships in the microclimate in which lives. At the same time, it brings together urban gardeners and consumers to serve this purpose.


More details about the program can be found on the websites:,

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