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General information about the second round of the NGO Fund 2014-07-23  

Documents were published with General information relating to the second round of call for proposals under the NGO Fund. The general objective of the NGO Fund is "supporting the development of civil society and strengthen their contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development" and contributes to the General objectives of the European Economic Area Grants to reduce economic and social disparities and empower bilateral relations between Romania and the donor States Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The total amount available to non-governmental organizations, in the second round, for the implementation of projects is over 9.700.000 Euros. For more details, please refer to the schedule of the program posted on the web site of the NGO Fund within each of the five components: involvement, social justice, sustainable development, social and basic services, the development of NGO capacity, Networks and coalitions. Guidelines for applicants, along with specific documents for each of the components, respectively subcomponents, will be published in July-August 2014 on the web page of the NGO Fund: After the publication of the Guide, the applicants will have at least 2 months to prepare and submit the project proposals. The Environmental Partnership Foundation administers the Component 3. Sustainable Development. The Applicants’ Guide, together with the documents specific to the Component 3. Sustainable Development will be published on the website of the Environmental Partnership Foundation.


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