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The Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation (Fundatia pentru Parteneriat) is part of the Environmental Partnership (EP), which supports community based environmental improvement projects in Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria.

These foundations are focused on stimulating awareness of, and participation in, environmental problems in the region. The Environmental Partnership is playing a significant role in building bridges of cooperation between people and organizations, and across all sectors, in order to build civil societies and sustainable communities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Using a flexible mixture of small grants, technical assistance, networking, training activities, and special programs, the Environmental Partnership foundations empower individuals, organizations, and communities to participate actively in environmental decision-making.

At the same time, they catalyze cooperation among the private, public, and nonprofit sectors for environmental problem-solving. Over the years the EP foundations have built a solid reputation among both domestic and international organizations for being fast, effective, and non-bureaucratic.



Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation - Fondaciya EkoObshtnost
Founded: 2003
Director: Lubomira Kolcheva
Web address:
Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation - Nadace Partnerství
Founded: 1991
Director: Miroslav Kundrata
Web address:
Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation - Ökotárs Alapítvány
Founded: 1992
Director: Móra Veronika
Web address:
Slovak Environmental Partnership Foundation - Nadacia Ekopolis
Founded: 1991
Director: Peter Medved
Web address:
Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation - Fundația pentru Parteneriat
Founded: 1998
Director: Potozky László
Web address:
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